Investment Commitee

Clifford Giles - Founder & Executive Director


Clifford leads the firm’s originating / investment process and is responsible for cultivating the firm’s external advisors, including economic consultants.

Since arriving from Australia in 2003, Clifford has invested in 6 businesses, taking 5 of those through to trade sale or IPO, with the exception of putting one company into voluntary administration with no debts outstanding. Over this period, he has built a strong network of co-investors, mostly made up of HNW, family offices and institutional investors in the UK/Europe and is most notably recognised for leading those companies to pursuing an exit via a trade sale or IPO which is how he formed IPO Capital. Since forming IPO Capital in 2012, he has also developed strong and lasting relationships with corporate brokers, market makers and market professionals in London, New York & across Europe which has enabled him to harness those relationships providing a listing pathway or IPO for the investments he has previously brought to market or those he continues to lead and advise. Together with these relationships he has provided access to capital markets raising well in excess of £20m.

The experience has come from the school of hard knocks, always having a hands on role in his transactions, providing some level of leadership and on occasions taking executive board positions to execute specific corporate outcomes. Strengths lie in seeking out special situations, or improving existing offers, and harnessing the right skill sets to attract new capital, to then help monetise. Although sector agnostic in his approach, he has extensive experience in the financial Services sector, Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG), Technology, including Internet of Things (IoT), Fintech and Corporate Finance. 

Mark Butterfield – Executive Finance Director


Mark is a professionally qualified (ACIS) executive with over 30 years’ experience in Finance and Operations Director positions in a variety of B2B environments – mainly in the Technology, IT and Financial Services sectors. His particular expertise lies in the SME space, specifically in start-up and early-stage businesses – he has been instrumental in setting up a specialist car company in the 1980’s, two leasing companies and most significantly as part of a small management team who created & built up IT PLC to a turnover of £14m & PBT of £1.8m per annum. 

This background has given Mark extensive experience in managing change, rapid-growth and the challenges that face fast-developing businesses – such as working capital constraints, fund raising and the need to implement and evolve financial systems and controls. During his career, he has been involved in a number of MBO, MBI and IPO processes, giving him extensive experience of due diligence, capital raising and company acquisitions / disposals.

Dr Michael Green - Analyst


A proactive analyst who has gained a broadly-based knowledge of growth companies through extensive research as well as sitting down with the management and taking the time to really understand companies. 

He is always seeking to unearth exciting investment opportunities and has a track record of negotiate deals at attractive valuations. Michael possesses an extensive network of contacts throughout the City, which stem from taking part in financing and buying lines of stock from the major players. 

As an independent analyst, he has been using these skills to research growth companies for a variety of clients including stockbrokers, corporate finance boutiques, private equity players and independent research houses. In addition, he has been working closely with pre-IPO and quoted companies to help raise their profiles.

Began working in the City in the 1980s as a resources analyst with stockbrokers Buckmaster & Moore and then HSBC-owned Greenwell Montagu Securities. Subsequently, he was involved in analysing a wide range of growth companies and became Head of Research at Everett Financial.